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How to use Betway bonus and why they are so popular?

betway kenya bonus code

Betway has established itself as a reputable portal because of their wide selection of sports, the different sponsorship deals that they have signed with some very recognized athletes, teams and tournaments all over the world, but also because of the wide variety and overall generosity of the Betway bonuses.

They attempt to target two types of people, at first, there is the Betway welcome bonus to encourage people who are not members yet to sign up. Secondly, there are bonuses for existing customers, such as the Betway jackpot bonus, which have the purpose to ensure that they have incentives to continue using the Betway services, and to prevent said customers from going to competing bookmakers.

Get a your bonus

What should people know about the different Betway bonus terms and conditions?

The short answer to that is: everything. Despite the annoyance that most people feel when they are shown the terms and conditions of every service being used, it is not recommended to ignore them, because they contain relevant information concerning the conditions of use, limitations, and other aspects. This principle applies to the Betway Kenya bonus and to any other service available out there.

This means that everyone should read the Betway bonus terms and conditions, as well as for every other aspect of the bookmaker. However, this doesn’t mean that it is not possible to summarize some of their key points.

For example, when understanding how to use Betway bonus for new members, its main point concerns in which part of the portal it can be used. The terms and conditions state that this extra amount (which can be up to US$100) can be utilized only for sport wagers. However, there is no mention of any specific sports or matches that are included or excluded. The main restriction indicates that the bonus amount must be used in bets with odds of 1.75 (equivalent to 3/4) or higher.

Other Betway bonuses have their own terms and conditions as well. However, when taking into account how many of them exist, it would be impossible to summarize all their points in a single article. Still, all these aspects can be reviewed at any time from the Betway website and the mobile applications.

Get a your bonus

How to obtain this welcome Betway Kenya bonus?

Considering that the primary purpose of this bonus is to persuade people to sign up at the bookmaker, obviously the main requirement is to create an account. Going into more details, there are a few steps that need to be performed for obtaining this benefit, which are summarized below:

  1. Register at Betway via its desktop website or through its mobile applications or webpage
  2. During the sign up process ensure to tick the checkbox stating that it is desired to obtain this Betway Kenya bonus. If this step is forgotten, it will be very difficult to get a new opportunity for grabbing it
  3. Activate the account after providing all the requested data. This can be done via SMS or email
  4. Make a deposit for a minimum amount of US$10

This particular bonus works in the following way: Betway Kenya adds to the balance of the newcomer an amount equivalent to the one added during the first deposit. As an example, if the new member adds US$11 to his or her balance, the bookmaker will add another US$11 to make a total of US$22. This extra amount has a top limit of US$100 and of course its usage is subject to the terms and conditions described in the previous section, as in the case for al Betway bonuses.

The amount provided by the sign up offer will appear automatically in the total cash balance. In other words, the rewarded member doesn’t need to take any further action for obtaining said promo such as inserting a bonus code.

It is fundamental to mention that the sign up bonus can be claimed only once per person (not per account). This means that it is strictly forbidden to set up multiple accounts in order to obtain this bonus more than once. If anybody is caught doing this, the bookmaker may choose to pursue legal actions against the offending individual.

For now players who receive this Betway free bet opportunity can visit the sports area and enjoy everything that is offered. The amount can be used in the more than 30 disciplines currently available, which include football, rugby, tennis, basketball, ice hockey, esports and more, for placing live bets or pre match wagers. To know the full list of sports player can visit Betway through its webpages or apps.

Get a your bonus

Betway free bet club – an interesting form of encouragement

Bookmakers can not concentrate only in attracting new players. They also need to ensure that their current members always find a reason to stay and make use of all the services. This is one of the reasons why the Betway free bet club was created. This is an instance that rewards players with US$10 in free bets offered every time that they place at least US$25 during a period of one week.

There are no promo codes and no further actions that need to be taken for claiming the benefit given by the Betway free bet club. As soon as a player fulfill the betting requirements, he or she will automatically obtain the aforementioned reward during the following week. This amount can be used in any place of Betway sports as well, and there are no restrictions concerning types of wagers, sports, matches or minimum odds.

Besides this instance, members can also receive special promo codes and other types of benefits at random moments on their email inbox. The same type of promos can also be shown in pop up screens shown during a Betway session. The Betway jackpot Kenya is another similar instance that will be treated in the next section.

The same strategy is used when an important sporting event is taking place, such as a tennis Grand Slam, the NBA Finals, an UEFA Champions League final match, and many others. They can provide free bets and other Betway bonuses to encourage players to place their wagers in said instances.

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Betway jackpot and payment methods

Due to the importance of the Betway online casino for the bookmaker and all its visitors, it also deserves its own section in the present article. For people who may not know, this section of the company is one of the closest things of being in an actual physical casino without being really there.

This claim is not only based in the wide range of available games and forms of entertainment, but also in the overall aesthetic and functional aspect of it, which can be enjoyed from the apps and the website. This instance offers the Betway jackpot bonus, which offers players the opportunity to multiply their earnings by taking one extra shot in any game where a potential high prize is a stake. This is one of the most praised Betway bonuses.

Many happy players have already been rewarded thanks to the Betway jackpot Kenya, receiving thousands of dollars in the process. This is a good reason why all members of the bookmaker, even the biggest sport fans, are suggested to try the casino as well.

In all the website it is possible to make use of forms of payment such as credit and debit cards, wire transfers, and other services such as PayPal, Skrill or Neteller. All of them allow deposits and cash withdrawals, ensuring that the experience in the bookmaker will be efficient, satisfactory, and secure.Get a your bonus

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