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What is the public thinking about the Betway app?

betway app

Among all the large bookmakers currently existing, Betway is probably the one which most recently joined this group. Since their first moments of existence the company attempted to establish clear distinctions between itself and its competitors, despite most of them offering live and pre match bets and multiple games in an online casino. One of them is the type of target audience that they are attempting to obtain.

Considering that this bookmaker was the first one among the big ones to open a dedicated section to bet in esports back in 2015, it was clear from that moment that they were trying to target mostly young audiences, but of course, without forgetting about everyone else. Of course, in case any has any doubt, the portal offers more than 30 sports where it is possible to place pre match and live wagers, so in Betway there is much more than just eSports.

However, this discipline is not the only aspect which this strategy relies on, because the importance that the company puts on their Betway mobile app reflects this line of reasoning as well.

Currently, it is almost impossible to imagine the gambling portal Betway without this application, and considering that almost everyone, especially younger people, has access to a smartphone or a tablet, it is clear where the focus for the bookmaker.

This article will tackle some of the main aspects concerning the Betway Kenya app, and also will discuss whether it is useful or not to the overall strategy being followed by this sportsbook.

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How get the Betway APK in Android tablets and mobile phones?

The following steps describe in a simple and concise manner how to Betway app download in smartphones and tablets which operate with Android. This process only takes a few minutes to complete.

  1. Open a mobile web browser in the device where it is wanted to install the app
  2. Visit the Betway website
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page until the download area is found
  4. Tap over the proper Betway APK and begin its download
  5. Follow the instructions shown on screen to install it
  6. It is likely that the user will encounter an error which states that it is not possible to install the Betway apk. This is not a problem and can be easily fixed with the next steps
  7. Go to the security menu of the device
  8. Find the “unknown sources” checkbox, which should be unchecked
  9. As the final step for this “how to install” the software guide, check this box

The process should finish after said intervention in the security settings has been made, and therefore the Betway app should be ready for being immediately used. Some of the readers may ask why it is necessary to follow this process instead of simply visiting Google Play.

Unfortunately that is not currently possible, because that store does not offer the Betway Kenya App or of any other bookmaker for that matter. This is because of the terms and conditions that currently Google Play has, which do not allow the existence of software belonging to online casinos and sport betting sites.

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How to Betway Kenya app download in iOS devices?

In the Apple mobile operating system the story is slightly different. This is because unlike in the case of Google Play, the AppStore does offer the official Betway software in its catalogue for easy and direct download and installation, so for this reason, it is not really necessary to compile a step by step guide to explain that process.

It has been reported that the software is capable of working properly in both iPad and iPhone. However, more details concerning compatible iOS devices will be treated in the next section of this article.

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System requirements needed for having the Betway Kenya app

In what concerns to this particular aspect, they are not really demanding. Unlike other bookmakers, the Betway mobile app does not require to have the most recent and powerful device available. On the contrary, the features that a tablet or a phone needs to have in order to execute the software are very lenient.

Regarding Android, it is necessary to have at least the 4.1 version of this operating system. This shouldn’t be a major issue, as most of the devices available nowadays have far newer versions. This aspect ensures that almost every owner of a tablet or smartphone out there with this operating system should be able to use the app without issues.

Secondly, it is important to mention that a screen with a size no smaller than 320×480 is required for the Betway mobile app to work properly. This amount of pixels is already very small, and most of the devices currently in existence have displays much larger than this.

Last but not least, it is necessary to have enough storage space for allowing the download of the Betway apk and its installation. The installer has a download size of approximately 2.5 megabytes, which is already very small.

Going to the Apple side of things and the respective system requirements for running its version of the Betway app. People who would like to set up the software on an iPad shouldn’t be concerned, because it has been reported that all its versions are capable of properly executing it.

Regarding the iPhone, it has been indicated that the Betway mobile app will work only in the iPhone 5 or a more recent version. Also, regardless if someone owns an iPad or an iPhone, the gadget must have at least iOS 7.0.

Obviously, in this operating system the user must also ensure that his or her device has enough storage space in order to be able to properly make the Betway app download process, and for later allowing it to work properly.

It is always useful to remind everybody reading this that making the Betway app download process in any of the aforementioned devices and operating systems is completely and absolutely free.

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What customers think about the Betway mobile app?

Anyone who browses the internet in order to gather opinions of the mobile version of the software developed by Betway will see mostly positive opinions. Many of its aspects are highlighted, and this sections will summarize a few of them.

Betway is offering to its customers and prospective members a software that is not just a simple replicator of what can be already used and enjoyed from their desktop website. It offers much more than that, because it allows to enjoy all the features from the comfort of a mobile device. Every service that can be found in the main Betway website has been carefully optimized to work in a responsive and good looking manner. This applies to the casino and all its games, sports betting area, poker and everything else.

Users also can rest assured that the odds available for placing bets through the mobile software are exactly the same that exist in the website, so there is no need to make comparisons and see whether it is more profitable to play from a computer or a mobile phone, in both platforms everything will be exactly the same.

In overall, users of the the Betway app claim that it is the best mobile casino and sportsbook software currently available. It looks good and works even better. It doesn’t need a top of the line phone to execute it, and most of the users find extremely easy to use all its features. This makes possible to repeat the claim that was made at the beginning of the article: it is not possible to imagine Betway in its current form without its mobile app.Get a your bonus

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